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The Heroin Awareness Campaign was implemented because of the great need to get the word out that heroin has become a problem of epidemic proportion in the St. Louis area.

Because of the increased use of heroin in the area and the resulting overdose deaths, the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - St. Louis Area approached the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and asked for help in finding ways to increase awareness about the dangers and realities of heroin in the Greater St. Louis Area. The Division provided funding to allow NCADA to launch the Curiosity + Heroin: Not Even Once campaign. Working with other local community partners, NCADA staff has been featured in several local news reports regarding this problem. The campaign is also utilizing a variety of other mediums in the area including movie and print ads, bus ads and radio spots. The campaign's message that curiosity + heroin is a deadly combination features the website as a means to heighten awareness and bring relevant and important information to those visiting the website.

This awareness campaign is sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - St. Louis Area through funding from the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


St. Louis County Children's Service Fund and the St. Louis County Police Department have also joined as partners in this campaign.




National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - St. Louis Area

Founded in 1965, the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - St. Louis Area (NCADA) is a community health agency serving seven counties in eastern Missouri. We provide crisis counseling to approximately 2,500 individuals, and prevention and education services to over 100,000 people annually. With alcohol and other drug abuse as the leading contributors to teen death and injury in this country, one of NCADA’s major goals is to teach young people the skills needed to resist the pressures to use and abuse chemicals. We offer youth leadership programs, community service projects, drug-free alternative activities, and a wide range of school-based prevention services.

As a certified prevention agency of the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, NCADA provides information and education, intervention planning, counseling and referral, and a vast array of prevention services. NCADA is also a United Way member agency and meets the 20 Better Business Bureau standards for charity accountability.

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If you would like to make a contribution in memory of a loved one or to support our efforts in the fight against heroin, please click here to donate to the Not Even Once heroin awareness campaign through a contribution to NCADA.