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Strike Down Heroin
In the last five years, more than 1,500 people in metro St. Louis have died of opiate and heroin overdoses. This epidemic propmted NCADA to take a stand and raise awareness. In 2012, NCADA created Strike Down Heroin in partnership with parents, friends and famililes devistated by heroin addiction.


Every community, every school, every social and economic bracket in the St. Louis metropolitan area is being devastated by the rise in heroin use. Anyone who has loved someone impacted by heroin knows how profoundly it affects the lives of those in its path.

Whether you or a loved one are currently struggling or are in recovery, have lost someone to heroin, or want to keep our young people from ever having to fight heroin's terrible hold, we invite you to partner with us in this cause.


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Curiosity + Heroin: Not Even Once
Because of the escalating use of heroin in the greater St. Louis region and resulting overdose deaths, it became increasingly important to find ways to raise awareness about the dangers and realities of heroin in our area.

NCADA focused its efforts on the message that curiosity + heroin is a deadly combination. In addition to the campaign's website, NCADA is working with local partners in getting the word out through community forums; local news coverage; radio spots; and movie, bus and print ads.


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